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Fort Worth, TX Shelter Rescue ~ Evie

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URGENT 911 ~ Evie

Fort Worth, TX Shelter Rescue

Stuffed Into A Sealed Plastic Tub And Thrown Into A Dumpster

Evie Needs YOUR HELP!


This fundraiser has been organized to aid expenses for both immediate and ongoing care and treatment of our most recent rescue angel who came to us from the Fort Worth, TX shelter on 11.15.13.

Anyone wishing to assist in our efforts to get this little one on her way to a healthy new life is welcome and encouraged to send up a donation and share this page wherever you can.

We really don't have a lot of information at this point, as we only received Evie from the Fort Worth shelter this afternoon and her condition is still very fragile.

She was found inside an apartment complex dumpster - stuffed into a sealed plastic tub.  Seizing, dehydrated and presenting with a myriad of severe neurological symptoms.  ("swimming", miotic pupils, non-responsive and with a significant fever of 105).

Tossed away like garbage ~ left to die an agonizing, terror-filled death.

*it is obvious that Evie has recently given birth - though there was no sign of puppies in the area (who would be at least several weeks old by now judging by her body condition)*

Evie was rushed to the ER hospital where she remains tonight - in critical condition, receiving supportive care, seizure management and is under 'round the clock observation in ICU.

(the bells around her neck just serve as an added measure of observation and alert to seizure activity)

The cost of Evie's care will exceed 1500.00 for this one night alone.  If the doctors are able to stabilize her, she will require continued hospitalization and treatment over several days.

I am setting Evie's fundraiser goal here to 4500.00 - which will obviously be amended accordingly as we progress with her care.

Evie's case is one of great concern - as we've no idea what extent of damage to the brain she may have sustained due to the lack of oxygen and extreme body temperature.

We are counting on all of you for your support as we work together to bring this little mommy to a comfortable healing and a blessed forever! ♥

As always, we appreciate each and every one of you for your never-ending love and support in aiding our mission to "help heal the homeless"! ♥

Regular updates, photos and additional treatment details will be shared routinely over on our Facebook Page.

(Evie's shelter photo)

Follow Evie's  progress on our Facebook Page

**Please note - that we are not a 501c(3) rescue organization and your donations to our plight are not tax deductible.  We provide for these little ones in the same way that we have always cared for Emma - dependent upon the private donations of generous friends, family, businesses, individuals - and out of our own pockets.  We are limited on both space and funding - as well as physical ability - so we are able to take in and provide for only a limited number of pets at any given time - determined on a "case by case" basis.**


by Friends Of Emma
See our latest video addition here on the page for today's video update of our little Thanksgiving Blessing. ♥

by Friends Of Emma
Evie - continued improvement - you all know that she can SEE and her vision (while noted previously, seems to "come and go" - has stayed strong). I have zero information on what's going on with the "legal aspect" of her case - other than it is in the hands of the Fort Worth PD - so any inquiries would need to be directed there.
As posted previously, the story as to how Evie was found is changing. I'm told that she wasn't found "inside a plastic bin and thrown into a dumpster" at all.... now it's said that she "was found curled up inside a mop bucket atop a pile of trash on the curb". 
So - the reality of what happened to Evie - I don't know... 

by Friends Of Emma

Evie.... wow..... nothing is gonna' keep this little one down...
Evie sleeps in a playpen at the foot of our bed. (just like Nadia did)
In the wee hours of the morning I hear scratching / scraping - and think "Oh Lord, she's seizing"........ nope... she's up on her hind legs against the wall of the playpen - peeking up over the edge.
I literally "laughed out loud"- then quietly laid back down to see what she'd do.
Minutes later, she had wiggled herself up over the side of the playpen, on to the bed - and had vigorously wedged herself right between Kylie and I - where she flipped herself over on her back, fell soundly to sleep with both paws high over her head - touching my cheek.
OMG - "that was card-worthy"... ♥

PS - Evie can SEE!!

by Friends Of Emma

"How's Evie? How's Evie? How's Evie?"

Evie is doing just beautifully........ ♥
We are working hard to regain some of her balance and coordination ... trying to reach a point of stability in all aspects.
She has some odd little spasms in the low spine / base of tail that I think are causing some of her wobbling.
She could have easily experienced some strains / sprains of different muscle tissue areas surrounding the spine, with all of the seizing - so I feel as though it's something that will work itself out with continued therapy.

by Friends Of Emma

Evie continues to do very well.... I am quite pleased with her progress from day to day and am hopeful that we'll continue on a positive path with her.
Obviously, time is our greatest ally - so we'll just keep doing what we're doing and push on with each advancement as they come. ♥
To recap Evie's treatment plan - I'm reposting the following:
Cold laser twice daily to the brain stem.... hydrotherapy (swim therapy) twice daily for muscle strengthening and coordination.... massage several times throughout the day for improved circulation (and because touch is SO important). ZERO medications. Some diet supplements. ♥

by Friends Of Emma
PS - for folks asking about Evie's treatment.... cold laser twice daily to the brain stem.... hydrotherapy (swim therapy) twice daily for muscle strengthening and coordination.... massage several times throughout the day for improved circulation (and because touch is SO important). ZERO medications. Some diet supplements. ♥

by Friends Of Emma
Evie is a changed girl... her vision is extremely minimal (if she can see at all) - she has very little balance and coordination - cannot hold herself steady yet - but she is HAPPY to be out of the hospital and seems perfectly content tonight. ♥

by Friends Of Emma
For those of you awaiting updates on Tess and Evie... we will be going to the hospital at 10:30 pm to bring them both home. ♥

by Friends Of Emma
For those of you awaiting updates on Tess and Evie... we will be going to the hospital at 10:30 pm to bring them both home. ♥

by Friends Of Emma

How is Evie???
Well.... I can say that she is 110% IMPROVED from the state she was in when we received her on Friday.
However - Doctors today tell me that we may have "reached a plateau" in her recovery.
As usual, I'm not convinced.
Evie's healing is extremely uncertain - but with the progress she has made thus far, and with continued care and treatment - I think she can do better.
In consulting with the neurologist this afternoon - he couldn't really give me any good honest answers for what may lie ahead with Evie... the reason? Because in nearly every case even remotely similar to Evie's - folks opt for euthanasia. Either they don't have the heart, funds or time investment to offer towards healing - so efforts are rarely attempted.
We are choosing to continue to fight ~ for Evie.
Now - as for the "case" itself.... the situation in which Evie was found - and what we've shared to all of you via the original Facebook plea from the shelter... may not, in fact - be the case at all.
Now that the cruelty investigator has been looking into the situation - it would seem that between the initial person(s) finding Evie - and her actual arrival at the shelter.... the details... hmmmm, what's the best word to use here...... "blossomed".
So at this point - I don't really know what is what - or how this little dog was found.... I don't know whether what was posted initially (that she was found inside a plastic tub inside a dumpster) is fact or "confusion" - and I don't know whether we are looking at a cruelty case or a case of neglect.
Either way - I will keep you updated as the story unfolds and details are confirmed.
Right now, the case is ongoing and I am in communications with the investigator.
I DO know - that what was posted earlier today, regarding the spay / neuter clinic contact and Evie's previous owners - is fact.
At this point - my concern is on Evie's recovery and healing.
She will remain in ICU again tonight... will undergo another two sessions of hyperbaric chamber treatments tomorrow - and we will likely be bringing her home along with Tess tomorrow night.
With the new information received today - (from the spay/neuter clinic contact) and the knowledge that Evie did have some neurological issues prior to being found on Friday - the doctors think that whatever damage has been done - is likely irreversible.
We considered an MRI for additional details into what's going on - but that would mean upwards of $2700.00 (on the low end) - with our treatment regimen remaining the same, no matter the results of the imaging.
So - for now - I've decided to forego the MRI and direct any funding for her towards treatments to address her current symptoms.
You all have been AMAZING in helping to raise the funding to keep Evie under care and treatment over the past week - and what's been raised seems like an extraordinary amount... but in actuality - in both Tess and Evie's cases - once the ICU bills are paid - we are left with very little (we are actually "in the red" in Tess' case) - to continue outpatient therapy and treatments. So there just is no wiggle room for advanced diagnostics (such as an MRI for Evie) when the results really will make no difference in the outcome of treatment. If the treatment plan would be changed pending differing results of imaging - I would absolutely move forward - but since I'm told that is not the case, I can't see visiting that just now.
I am going to post a quick video clip in a little bit... I think you'll all be quite pleased with Evie's progress. ♥

by Friends Of Emma
At the request of several of our friends and followers - along with the additional support of the local news reports regarding Evie's care and treatment - and our need for continued funding to provide for her - we are going to raise our funding goal for Evie to allow for her continued ICU stay along with inclusion of ongoing hyperbaric chamber treatments which I am confidant will prove to be extremely beneficial to the healing of Evie's brain. 
Before doing so, I wanted to see how she would do with her first hyperbaric treatment sessions today - and I'm told that, while a little unnerved initially - she did well and will continue on with two sessions each day (separated by 4 hour intervals) as we move into the weeks ahead.
The great financial need - cannot compare with the value of this precious girl's life and overall healing. 
We appreciate your continued support - both in Evie's healing - as well as the efforts to bring her abusers to justice! 
xoxoxoxo ♥

by Friends Of Emma

Evie is still holding her own ~ up's and down's with her sodium level - and she has spiked a lil' higher temp again today but she is showing continued SLIGHT signs of awareness and continues eating with assistance.
Evie is still unable to ambulate - she is still on injections recurring every 30 minutes to manage the tremors and involuntary "paddling".
She begins hyperbaric treatments today - will have two sessions each day - which I am hopeful will aid brain function and healing.
Someone posted that Evie's story was again on CBS Dallas / Fort Worth (channel 11) this morning.... again, I didn't see it.
To my knowledge, there is not an investigation into Evie's case or search to find her abusers. (I could be wrong, but I haven't been notified of such).
Perhaps we've come to the point where we need to "nudge" the authorities a bit to initiate justice for Evie.
In the mean time - we are doing everything within our power to help her heal.
Her bills and expenses are mounting - so we must continue our plea of support for this girl... Please visit Evie's fundraiser page linked here: https://www.youcaring.com/SavingEvie

by Friends Of Emma

Evie's sodium level is currently at 160 - down a few points from earlier so hoping that decline will continue.
I have requested that she be started with Hyperbaric Chamber treatments tomorrow....
(yes, I know - more expenses - but I truly feel this is a therapy that will greatly benefit her brain function - we'll just have to push harder with her fundraising... obviously, the current goal on Evie's fundraiser page - is not set to include these additional expenses.)
Nothing much else has changed with her - but we spent some quiet time just holding, rocking and talking about all of the wonderful things we're going to do when she comes home! ♥
The poor baby is SO traumatized - obviously.... I just can't fathom what she must be feeling.
She KNOWS when we're there now... she can't ambulate - but after holding her, when I lay her down in front of me - she will scoot and push her way with all her might, to curl back up right in the crook of my arm.
She's doing a lot of head pressing in the corner of her cage they tell me... that is concerning.
Minute by minute - hour by hour - day by day... she is fighting. ♥

by Friends Of Emma

Evie's sodium levels have DROPPED again!! YAY!!
Right now, she is at 163 - which is the lowest she's been yet!
(normal range is around 150)
This is a HUGE advancement for Evie! ♥
She obviously is still affected.... there is no telling at this point just how much permanent damage her brain has suffered.
It has been confirmed at this point - that Evie has absolutely zero vision due to her traumatic experience. She is very likely - totally and permanently blind. :(
She continues to eat well - and is resting more peacefully when she does rest.
Doc opted to not move forward with the sedation as we had previously discussed - since she has calmed somewhat and her respiratory is already quite low - so we don't want to add to that and run into problems with her breathing atop everything else she has going on.
Evie still cannot stand / walk / sit or hold herself up. She has no balance / coordination due to the brain trauma.... it is too early to tell whether that will improve.
Doc says not to be "too optimistic" at this point - but she is showing some SLIGHT signs of alertness - vs. the totally unresponsive state she has been in since her arrival.
We will visit later today and will update upon our return.
Obviously, Evie as well - requires additional funding to maintain her ongoing ICU stay... please visit her fundraising page below to assist us with those expenses if you can. ♥

by Friends Of Emma

Obviously - concerns are strong with precious Evie... she has such severe neuro symptoms - and her future is so uncertain.
The sodium levels are coming down SLOWLY (like a couple of points over several hours) - and she continues with vigorous involuntary movements (which are neuro symptoms - but not technically seizure activity).
She remains essentially unresponsive to touch, sound, sight or other stimulants - - yet she will eat, she does have good reflex responses when pulling on or standing her up on her hind legs - and she will shake her head (like if you were to tickle your dogs ear - and they "shake away" the irritant - - not in response to us touching her, she does this on her own - *very likely caused by a common headache*).
NONE of these things are involuntary movements... these are learned behaviors / physical responses to stimulants. So there is SOMETHING there... we just don't know how much.
Evie has been so physically distressed that I requested total sedation for a safe period of time to allow her body - and her brain - to rest.
We cannot make any type of "final decision" on a course of action for Evie - until these numbers are down. (the sodium) - because everything that she is presenting with right now - is due to the high levels.
If those levels can be brought back within normal limits - at least SOME of what Evie is enduring, may subside.
It wouldn't be fair to "assume" what her ultimate "quality of life" - brain function - or prognosis would be - until we have her body function and brain on a "level playing field".
For now - we treat... we hope... and we wait.

by Friends Of Emma
One of our local news stations just emailed to check on Evie's status..... maybe they will pick up her story in hopes of initiating an investigation into finding the monster who did this to her....

by Friends Of Emma
11.16 ~ 9:49am

:: Evie's sodium level is now at least READABLE!! ~ 180 is the top of the chart - she is at 176 and coming down!! ::

by Friends Of Emma

Evie's morning update from the hospital is not TOTALLY discouraging - but she is not well improved either.
Doc says she "paddled" through the entire night - despite the attempts to fend off such actions with medications.
Her fever has broken - her pupils have returned to normal - and she presented some "licking" motions through the night... but Doc says these are very minor improvements so we "shouldn't base too much on that".
The sodium levels are still too high to record - so they can't yet tell whether they are decreasing. But measures are in place to continue on with lowering those levels to see where we are at once we reach that point.
Again, concerns are with funding the rising medical costs of round the clock intensive care hospitalization.
Please help keep Evie's plight alive and funding coming in for her so that our care decisions may be based solely on her needs and not on monetary consideration.

by Friends Of Emma
Doc just called with an update on Evie.
She remains unresponsive and "paddling".
He says with conviction - he is absolutely certain that "wherever she was - she was inside there for DAYS".
Says this could not have happened over a short period of time.... 
I thought - well - how could she not have suffocated if she was in a closed tub like that for days? 
(he responded that those things are not completely air tight for the most part)
And how could she not have just popped the lid off and gotten out? 
She's not a tiny dog..... someone must have done something to her before putting her in there..... or the tub had to have been taped up somehow or something - I don't know, but I feel like vomiting thinking of her in there like this for DAYS!!
He says her sodium levels are high high high... (hypernatremia brought on by severe dehydration) - through the roof high - they can't even measure to determine HOW high because no formula goes that high.
There is a huge risk with bringing the sodium levels back to normal... in that, it must be done slowly and carefully over time or they will actually cause more brain damage than what has already been done.
He said that she will likely (if she makes it) have SOME brain damage - it almost can't be avoided with all she has gone through... BUT he's not ready to give up on her yet.... he said she is how she is - because of the sodium levels.... so, IF he can get the levels to normal - and she's STILL unresponsive, paddling, etc. - then "we're done - there's nothing more than can help her".
Tonight.... she is fighting.... her medical team is fighting... and we are fighting - for Evie!



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