Rescued Beagle Needs Your Help

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Beneficiary: Lake Norman Animal Rescue Organizer: Lake Norman Animal Rescue

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Thank you to everyone for your support! George's initial emergency vet bill has been paid in full. George is slowly starting his path to recovery. He still has a few battles to overcome including daily nebulizer treatments. So we have increased our goal to cover all his treatments to date. Please check the updates section for more info.

George is a very very sick boy. This handsome beagle had been thrown away like yesterdays trash, now he needs saving. He was found rummaging for food. Alone, tired and afraid, he had spent countless nights outside when the temperature dipped into the teens. A local vet tech found him and brought him inside.  But no one knew just how sick this little one was. Volunteers from Lake Norman Animal Rescue in Mooresville North Carolina came to his aid. But little did anyone know, George was about to face a life and death situation.  Within a day, our rescuers noticed he wasn’t eating, and very lethargic. He was rushed to a specialized veterinary hospital, where he was evaluated and immediately put into a special oxygen tent. There, he slow recovery began. A wall of glass separated him from the outside world. The doctors tried to reduce his oxygen level in the cage but George crashed. His levels had to be reinstated.  Days went by and the bills kept piling up, but this little boy kept fighting. The veterinarians are hopeful George will turn the corner and pull through, but he’s going to need more care. His bills – so far – have totaled up to fourteen hundred dollars. That is a huge mountain for such a small rescue such as ours, so we’re putting out the call…and asking for your help. Anything you can spare, from change to dollars will go directly to Georges care. Please help us save this little life. We thank you for your kindness and generosity, and from the bottom of his heart, so does he.

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