Precious Paws October 2013 Fundraiser

$215raised of $750 goal

Beneficiary: Precious Paws Rescues Organizer: Georgyne La Lone

This fundraiser is closed
Thank you for caring about our Precious Paws rescues.  We need ongoing funds to care for our rescues.  Their needs do not stop.  While we are not able to take in more rescues right now, due to the number of rescues we already have that need forever homes, those that are not adoptable and those that have medical needs... we still need to care for these kitties in our care.  There is no magic fund... we have a hard time bringing in $$$ for our rescues.  It is the beginning of the month and we are short once again.  It is a struggle.

Please if you can, donate a dollar, it all adds up, it really does!  

Please also network our rescues up for adoption, so we may find forever homes for them.

The kitty is in picture is a feral cat that I feed in the front yard and I am planning on trapping him and getting him neutered and rerelease him once I can take in anough money to do it.  

Forever Grateful,

Georgyne La Lone
Precious Paws
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