Mercer Veterinary Clinic for Pets of the Homeless

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Mercer Veterinary Clinic is a unique 501(C)3 non-profit organization that provides veterinary care to the pets of the impoverished and homeless in Sacramento. Managed and operated by students of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, we are sustained solely by donations and fundraising events. Students at monthly Mercer Clinics gain clinical experience providing patients with vaccines, parasite control, medications, diagnostic tests as well as educating owners and referral services. Mercer also reduces pet overpopulation by performing spay/neuter surgeries for all patients. Despite limited resources, Mercer treats over 150 patients and provides 12 spay/neuters per clinic, leaving a significant impact on this underserved community.

We currently operate in a warehouse owned by Loaves and Fishes, a homeless shelter in Sacramento. Mercer also requires all veterinary clients to utilize other Loaves and Fishes programs, which provide food, shelter, and medical health screenings. The combined efforts of these programs create an integrative One Health Clinic that provides medical care to both people and animals. In the spring of 2012, Mercer Clinic started to plan for a transition to move to stand alone modular units. We raised over $50,000 and purchased two modular school room from Rocklin School district. However, we are in desperate need of additional funding to support renovations and transform the units into a fully functional veterinary clinic. We thought we had another year to try to raise money, but L&F informed us that the warehouse we are currently using will be torn down on June 1, 2013.

In conclusion, the L&F decision has jeopardized our 2013 operations and threatens our very existence. We have received two bids for the interior remodel at a cost of $125,000. Bottom line: we need to raise $100,000 in a very short period of time so that we can continue to provide high quality veterinary care to the homeless pet population of Sacramento.

To get us up and running we need approximately $40,000 before June. This is our short term goal. 

This year marks the clinic's 20th anniversary, a moment that is celebratory, but also devastating.  These animals have stuck by their owners through thick and thin and are often their only family and friend.  Please help us save their lives.

For more information or questions, please visit our website (, our page on facebook (search Mercer Clinic for the Homeless) and/or contact our head coordinators (

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