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About two weeks ago, my Chihuahua, Sam, was having trouble breathing. He was breathing very rapidly, and he was very sluggish. His appetite was poor, and he didn't feel much like going for walks anymore. I started to panic because I just didn't know what was wrong with him.

Of course I wound up taking him to an emergency veterinary hospital, only because it was open 24 hours a day, and naturally it cost way more money than taking him to a regular vet, but I just felt I had to do it. He probably would have had to be referred to this place anyway.

Anyhow, I was so destitute I had to go on Care Credit, which I cannot afford to do, but it was necessary to do it to get him examined. He was diagnosed as having congestive heart failure, and I didn't have any more tests done on him because I had to keep expenses below the $500 credit limit. He had oxygen therapy for a couple of hours, which helped him a lot.

The thing that was going to really break the bank for me was the medication. Sam has to have three types of medication for the rest of his life: Furosemide or Lasix, Benazepril, also a diuretic, and Pimobendin, which is a heart medication. These medications, going through the vet, will cost me at least $150 a MONTH. Well, there is no way I can continue to do this as destitute as I am.

Today, January 31,  I have to refill his prescriptions for two weeks, but afterwards I am done. I can find the same things on the internet for way cheaper than what the vet charges:

Because I did not work at all in December, I am totally and completely destitute until the middle of February.  However, with the extra money I can also start ordering the medications for Sam online and start paying back what I owe Care Credit, which is $488.   I was able to negotiate that amount with the veterinarian.

At this time I estimate I will need $350-$450 total.

I absolutely HATE to beg, but such is the life of being forced to work intermittent work, having a tiny pension, and not being eligible for Social Security for another three years. It is impossible to budget at all, and this health situation with the dog threw everything out of whack.

Anyhow, any amount will be a great help and will be much appreciated.
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