Help Slider steal home!!

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Beneficiary: Susan/Slider Organizer: Heather Land

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Meet Slider he's remarkable in the most of ways; a service dog to a wonderful woman who has dedicated her life to working with canines.  Susan wears rocker leg braces (and  works retail for many hours at a time multiple days a week).  Beautiful Slider; who's training includes, but not limited to, assisting Susan when she falls, picking up items from the floor and handing them to Susan; assisting with crossing the street; turning lights on and off.  Recently Slider was disagnosed with a paraprostatic cyst and needs immediate surgery.  If he doesn't get the procedure the cyst may rupture causing bacteria to spread throughout his body or block the bladder leaving him unable to urinate.  Please reach into your heart to help this worthy pair to get the help needed to save Slider!
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