Help FREE Chuckie from the pound

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Beneficiary: Chuckie the yellow lab Organizer: Hope For Delaware Dogs

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Chuckie is a very sweet boy who doesn't deserve to be in the predicament he is in.
Chuckie became known yesterday morning when the local pound posted a picture of him claiming he had been hit by a car.
The dog was NOT hit by a car. Chuckie is a rescue dog that was brought to Delaware from Texas with a severe anxiety disorder and skin condition.
Chuckie is now stuck and has been threatened with euthanasia if his owner can't get him out before the five day hold is up.

The bill for Chuckie's owner is $386 (as of Friday, June 6, 2014 - KCSPCA/FSAC refused to release Chuckie to his owner and instead decided they were pursuing cruelty charges. For a well documented and ongoing anxiety issue that causes Chuckie to harm himself). The pound has graciously waived 10 cents off the bill. His owner is living on a fixed income, with a severely disabled adult son, and could really use our help and generosity. Please. Any amount will help and no amount is too small!

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Chuckie's original story:

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