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Dandy is a stunning young female medium sized dog, she's been abandoned and brought one of the pounds of Limassol, Cyprus where she's been in a tiny pound cage since the beginning of January 2013 - almost 6 months of being locked in a tiny concrete and hot cage, without walks or exercise... She's the most gorgeous gentle nature girl the volunteers have EVER seen! She sits there looking adoringly at anybody who pets her! Unfortunately, the municipality has informed the volunteers that Dandy is next on death row and will be put down. 3 dogs have already been put down last week!! The pound is too full with unwanted dogs and she's one of the longest "prisoners". :-( Dandy has been offered an experienced foster home with a reputable rescuer who will find her a loving home in the UK. Please help us help Dandy come out of her execution prison and fly to the UK where she will have a loving home and a wonderful life!! Don't let her lose this chance - even a small donation will make a big difference for Dandy!! And please remember that by saving Dandy's life, you're saving another dog who can take her space at the pound. All donations will be recorded and receipts will be issued. Pets2Adopt is a registered charity, registration number 3437. Thank you for your consideration!
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