GizMoe Li's Surgery

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Beneficiary: Harris Animal Hospital 6805 Peters Creek Rd Roanoke Virginia Organizer: Essie Hollandsworth

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My Little GizMoe Li a Pekingese had been having trouble going to the potty and was in great pain. I rushed him to my local vet and they told us he had a Perineal Hernia. They said he had to have surgery right away and referred us to a Vet in North Carolina. The charge would be $3500.00 to do the surgery. I paid the bill for the vet visit that day. $329.00 and I only had $70.00 left to my name. I had friends tell me in other states that it could be done for much less. I had no way to get him to other states let alone pay for his surgical repair. I had 3 options. Get the surgery, I was thinking surrendering him to rescue and the 3rd option would have been to put him down as it was just hurting him so much and I couldn't bear seeing him in so much pain. He is only 6 years old and has been with me for all of those 6 years and never sick a day in his life.  I called a vet up in Roanoke Va and she argeed to see him. She said it could be done for much less than $3500.00 She gave me a high estimate of $1534.00 and a low estimate of $1024.00. She did the surgery on 7/14/14. I was able to pay her $170.00. My husband told me to take the money for the power bill and see if she would start with that. She did. She is such a wonderful and caring Vet. I am trying to sell a few things I have to get the rest of the money. I was asked to put my pride aside and ask for help. Help on the bill can be sent directly to Harris Animal Hospital 6805 Peters Creed Rd Roanoke Virginia 24019 (540) 362-3753. I was able to pay off the first surgery but still need to raise another $1024, excluding the $602.00 currently raised in the fundraiser that went for the first surgery.
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