Victims of mind control

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My name is Astrid Fuchs. I am from Austria and I am a victims of covert illegal humain experimentations since my earliest childhood.

In the last years the mind-control crimes, electronic harassment and surveillance became extremly severe.

Behind this cimes are differnt reasons.

Covert humain experimentations, to fight political opponents......and maybe differnt others. But its always a crime against humanity.

But covert humain experimentation is a main reason of using mind-control techniques, electronic harassment and surveillance and gang stalking.
Many of these humain genuine pigs are also gang-stalked.

These crimes are already ongoing more than 10 years in many cases.

The victims are suffering extremly and in much cases they cannot go to work.

Its very hard for them to protect themselves against these electronic attacks.

Nobody had ever stopped this crime till now.

Please also see and sign my petition:

I create this fundraising to support the victims first with shielding materials and detection equipment.

Each donation is welcome to support the victims.

We can pay an private investigator for electronic harassmen, go to demonstration or interviews, print flyers, pay an attorney or give some money to the victims.

The victims are really poor people.

Please google mind-control victims, electronic harassment, gang stalking.

Meanwhile a lot of sites about these crime are created.

For more information see also some sites in German:

or in Englisch:

You also find a lot of videos about this crime on youtube.

I hope you donate a bit money for us and spread our stories.

Thank you very much for your support.

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