Sick & injured Titza and Max need help with their vet bills!

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Organizer: Cristina Cristescu Beneficiary: Titza and Max

This fundraiser is closed

2 strays rescued from the dead by sf Francisc shelter Romania:

TITZA 4 years old stray rescued from street, was badly hurt ,hips and left eye injured.Was surgeried both hips. Sunday we must take her and put in a warm place which we have not. She need money to pay the surgery- 730 ron (146 pounds) and to find urgently a foster for recovery.She is a very good dog.

MAX 3 years old,rescued from street.Has sticker tumour.Each week must be bought in town for a cure, expensive citostatics. Need money to pay the vet bill until now (a week in clinic) and for his next cure.
Please donate and note "for 2 sick strays."

Rescuer Cristina Cristescu


by Cristina Cristescu
Max is being adopted but not adopter yet for Titza.  This page is closed pursuant to Cristina's request.
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