Reward: Info/Arrest of 2 Teens, Threw 4 Dogs Away in Phoenix

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Organizer: Justice for Abused & Abandoned Dogs Beneficiary: Phoenix Police Department

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Let's send a message!  Please donate just $1 to help catch perpetrators and teach them a lesson.  All collected funds will be turned over to Phoenix Police so they can offer a reward to the brave person who stands up against abuse and cruelty - providing information that leads to arrest of the two teens who did this.

Someone out there knows who did this.  Probably an entire Phoenix neighborhood has seen these puppies and dog before the cruel/senseless act was performed.

On June 30, 2014, at approximately 10 p.m., witnesses at a dog park located on 21st Avenue south of Glendale, observed a tan Honda Civic or Accord traveling southbound in the roadway. Inside the vehicle were two males described as in their teens. Witnesses observed the male passenger throw three small puppies over a six foot fence into a fenced dog park. The vehicle was moving southbound at the time and it was some distance from the street to the park itself. In addition to the three puppies, the male passenger threw a 2-3 year old female dog over the fence as the vehicle continued to drive southbound.

Individuals at the park took the three puppies with them from the fenced area. Two homeless individuals befriended the injured female dog and remained with her throughout the night. The next day, they contacted a citizen about the injured pet who ultimately called police.

Officers transferred the female dog to animal control for medical assistance however are asking for anyone with information regarding the two Hispanic male individuals who initially threw the puppies and mother from a moving vehicle to call police.

If you have information on the suspects in this case call Crime Stop at 602-262-6151.

PLEASE dontate just $1.  We can easily raise the funds for this reward if you simply SHARE this.


by Justice for Abused & Abandoned Dogs
Hi Everyone,

Thank you to all who donated.  We spoke to an organization called Silent Witness in Phoenix.  They operate solely on donations.  They take anonymous tips to help the police capture criminals.  They will accept this donation for any and all animal animal related crimes, but not a specific crime.  We'd like your feedback as to where you'd like your money to go.

Please respond and let us know which of these choices you prefer:

1)  Your donation go to Silent Witness in Phoenix, a non-profit group who helps solve crimes by taking anonymous tips.

2)  If any of you've seen the recent YouTube video of the woman risking her life to catch 2 dogs on dangerous highways in one day -- crossing traffic that does NOT stop for her, twice.  The money could also go to them.  Their non-profit organization is called Mi Dulce Engie.  See these two amazing videos of the same woman risking herself to carry two dogs off of highways to safety:

Their organization page is here:

Based on your responses, the money will go to Silent Witness in hopes the Phoenix perpetrators will be turned in OR they can go to the organization of the brave woman who runs across freeways to rescue despondant, stranded dogs.

Thank you for your generous donations!

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