Recovery for Imprisoned Missionary

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Beneficiary: Jose Dilson da Silva Organizer: Jonatas da Silva

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The Situation:

On November 6, 2012, my father, Jose Dilson da Silva, was arrested and put in prison for his work with an orphanage in Senegal. He is a Brazilian missionary who has been serving the Lord in Senegal for 22 years through his ministry, the Obadiah Project. We started an orphanage in 2011 to take children from the streets of Senegal and give them a place where they could be loved and find hope again. Another Brazilian missionary, Zeneide Moreira Novais, who is the “orphanage mom,” was also arrested at the same time. My father was arrested when one street child’s father was not happy that his son had learned about the Word of God at the orphanage. The man said my father had started an "association harming the children" of Senegal. These accusations are baseless, but my father and Zeneide are still in prison. The authorities have denied him habeas corpus and he is incarcerated in a filthy cell crammed with 35 other prisoners. The prison conditions are severe. They have been forced to sign papers without being allowed to read them, put into overcrowded rooms without windows or a place to sit or sleep, and affected by the mosquitos and heat. My mother and brother are only able to visit my father on Mondays and Fridays for 10 minutes. It is difficult for them to see him being treated like a criminal, dragged away from them and treated poorly. The Brazilian Embassy and three lawyers are working to bring them freedom while Christians around the world have been praying.

Why I am Raising the Money:

The past few weeks been very traumatic for my entire family. My father, mother, and 10-year-old brother are still living in Senegal; my sister is serving with YWAM in a closed country; and I am at university in the US. Even though we are separated, we all feel God’s peace in our lives. We believe that God will set my father and Zeneide free and that we will continue to work in Senegal helping the street children there. Once he is set free, my family needs to rest from this painful experience because the prison conditions are harsh. I hope to raise money to help pay for the legal expenses of the trials. After the legal expenses are paid for, the money will go to help my family to come to the US or Brazil for two months where they can all get psychological therapy and regain their strength again.

How The Money Will Be Used:

        • The money will help pay for traveling expenses from Dakar, Thies, and Mbour.
        • It will help pay for a part of the food for my father, Zeneide, and the other prisoners.?
        • Besides legal expenses, the money from this fund will help cover the plane tickets (about $1500-$3000 per person), the stay, and the treatment when my parents and brother come to Brazil or the US. This would also allow my sister and I to visit so the family could be reunited.?
        • We also need money to help cover expenses that come up because my father is a diabetic and needs special food and medicine.

We are not sure yet how long the trial will last or how much money will be necessary, but we are expecting the costs to be very high. Any amount you can give will be a huge blessing for my family. We believe that God will bring justice to the situation and allow my father to continue ministering in Senegal in the future.????


Major Updates:

        • Our mission APMTS and Zeneide’s mission Missao Servos will cover the cost of hiring the three attorneys.
        • Part of the cost of food will be covered by the Brazilian Embassy
        • Brazilian churches, missions, friends, and other Christians around the world have supported us greatly financially and in prayer outside of this website.
        • My whole family is now in Senegal. I will stay until January 8th and my sister will stay until February.

A Video About The Project:


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