Project PonyZ - Medical Expense Fundraiser

$2,355raised of $50,000 goal

Beneficiary: Zaiden Beattie Organizer: Lesley Zacharias

This fundraiser is closed
Project PonyZ is a project that is intended to help my son go to first grade with a pony instead of a walker. I am on a mission to change the quality of life for my son despite his illness, and to change the lives of children with the help of miniature horses. Any amount will help this program develop. This past year, miniature horses were approved by the ADA as use for service animals. Zaiden, and many other children like him that have issues with balance, can greatly benefit from a program developed to train horses to help with balance. Miniature horses live 35 yrs so the investment in training is much less than service dogs. Being less excitable than dogs,horses are much less affected, so they can be touched while they are working thus providing a platform for socialization for the handler. This is great opportunity to be a part of a new trend, and one that has barely been utilized. There are only a dozen horses currently working for the blind. Let's help kids by creating a new and exciting program. Project PonyZ!! Thank you for your support!!
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