Malapascua Typhoon Relief Fund

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Organizer: Shelagh Cooley Beneficiary: Malapascua Reconstruction Fund

Help the people in Malapascua rebuild after Typhoon Haiyan. More than 80% of the homes and businesses on the island were destroyed.

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I went to Malapascua to do my dive master training and fell in love with the people and the place.  I am raising money to support the incredible relief and reconstruction work that my friends are doing. Many of the local dive shops are raising money to help the locals rebuild their homes. 100% donations will go directly to rebuilding the homes of the people of Malapascua.
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by Shelagh Cooley
Calling all International Development friends:  The people of Malapascua are looking to rebuild better. If you have contacts or information about:
  • Drinking Water Testing
  • Solar Energy
  • Affordable and durable contruction
Thank you to all the supporters!
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by Shelagh Cooley
<img src="" alt="Food, water and supplies heading for Malapascua Yesterday!" width="480" height="640">
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by Shelagh Cooley
Housing materials we bought in Cebu paid for by your donations. They are already on Malapascua<img src="" alt="Building Materials Donated to Malapascua" width="403" height="302">
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