lifetime of heartache

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I know our story isn't as bad as alot of peoples but we are at the end of our rope. I was in a car accident , had head injury and even died, so they put me on life support. It changed my completely. I cant work because I have severe anxiety around people. Now I have heart disease, lung problems, liver disease, memory loss and very depressed. I live with my daughter and mother, who pays all the bills on her SSI of 740. She has been going down hill these last 10 years because she has lupus, 3 kinds of arthritis, a hole filled with veins in her head that could burst anytime, fibromyalgia, had a heart attack,  PAD, degenerative bone disease, cant breath, falls all the time and breaks bones. To top all this, we are living with a large mold problem which we need to move right away but cant afford rent and deposit or pay someone to help. We had a friend borrow money last year to buy a cheap car but its getting junky, so we are paying 210 a month for junk. My mother also has a shih tzu, 9 years old that is spoiled and we have it rough buying him his canned dog food and treats and we cant stop spoiling him now! We cant afford his shots anymore either. I just pray to god that someday things will change for me and my family Thank you for reading my story.
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