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Justice for Luke and Jager

$4,920raised of $5,000 goal

Organizer: Rocky and Ellen Beneficiary: Justice for Luke and Jager

This fund is to amend the current law... to require that anyone killing any animal be required to notify the authorities.

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We have set this page up to help raise funds in hopes that we will be able to change Californian Contradicting Laws and prove animal cruelty. 

Please sign the petition and help us change the law so that domestic animals killed by any person to proteck livestock, will be required by law to report the incident to the authorities... this should never happen to another family.


A lot have been asking what the money is going for, we are using to pursue every avenue we can to bring justice to our boys and anything left over will be donated in Jager and Lukes name to Big Dawg Rescue. Why Big Dawg Rescue you ask, That is where we were fostering our beautiful boys from and where I have volunteered for the past few years, We want to try to help as many animals as we can from this tragedy.  (http://www.bigdawgsrescue.org/

Please help us make a difference in other dogs lives in honor of Luke and Jagers Death.  Jager and Luke's story is one that will never be forgotten. 


We thank you in advance for any donation and your support

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by Rocky and Ellen
On September 29, 2013 we were led to believe so many horrific details. When I was told my boys were beaten to death and burned, I fell to my knees… I then threw up twice… I was unable to comprehend the details I was told… and also told I would not get the remains of my dogs back… 

The facts…. Evidence does not lie. My boys were defenseless… killed in cold blood… They were never aggressive towards these men and these men never felt threatened. The only thing these men are capable of feeling is evil… to do what they did; they are the epitome of evil.

• Luke and Jager were noticed in the chicken coop located approximately 6ft from the road.
• Randy Christ went to the chicken coup and locked Luke and Jager in.
• Randy Christ then walked approximately 200 feet back to his home.
• Randy Christ went in to his home and if he were a responsible gun owner, unlocked his gun from a gun cabinet.
• Randy Christ then, if he were a responsible gun owner, would have gone to a separate location and unlocked his ammunition.
• Randy Christ would have then loaded his gun.
• Randy Christ then walked approximately 200 feet back to the chicken coup where the dogs were locked and essentially helpless.
• Randy Christ then knelt down and shot Luke and Jager.
• Jager was shot through the neck and the bullet traveled through his shoulder completely separating his arm from his body. Jacket was located as well as a partial fragment in the shoulder.
• Jager was beat… beat repeatedly… as many times as it takes to break 3 ribs and leave a golf ball sized contusion on his head… above his eye. These broken ribs were not from a bullet and the contusion was definitely made while his heart was still beating.
• Luke was shot in the left side of his mouth with the bullet traveling horizontally through his body chipping his pelvis and lodging nearly completely intact in his colon.
• Luke was then shot on his left side where the jacket was found in his chest cavity and the bullet continued to travel out through his 5th rib and his right forearm shattering his leg while the bullet would have gone in to the ground.
• Luke’s rear right leg for a reason we will probably never know, what completely dislocated… we will also never know why Luke’s collar had so many shattered links while still completely intact around his neck. Why won’t we know this? Because Luke’s body was literally broken… in pieces.

These horrific actions were committed with intent… the stories made up, the elaborate half-truths, the wild chase for evidence that Animal Services were led on was also made with intent. Why? Why wouldn't a call to 911 have been the action they would have taken? We would have paid for any chickens that were allegedly killed. Why did he instead commit such a violent outrage of animal cruelty? To make my beautiful boys suffer? None of the shots would have killed them instantly… for all we know, they may have still been alive when they were dumped… 

They were probably in the back of Jon’s truck, under his tonneau cover, suffering… slowly dying, when my daughter approached him and a neighbor and asked them right to their faces if they had seen a Rottweiler and a German Shepherd. 

Right to her face, they said they hadn’t… less than 45 minutes after they murdered my boys in cold blood. 

These men need to pay for their crimes… 

The DA will be receiving this report and Animal Services has been made aware of the level of Animal Cruelty that was proven.

Thank you everyone for your support <3

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by Rocky and Ellen
To receive all updates, video, and pictures of Luke and Jager, please "like" their page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Justice-for-Luke-and-Jager/1395760697322676  Thank you all for your support, love, and kind words.
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by Rocky and Ellen
With so many stories and lies flying around we STILL do not have the truth of what happen to our boys, We do know that the boys had been shot ( but not sure if that is what killed them). We know that one of the Christ family members was behind the gun on that day (but not sure what one pulled the trigger ). We know that our boys were dumped in a ditch with some chickens (but we do not know if my boys were the ones that killed them ). There are so many unanswered questions that we are doing our best to have answered. 
We are at this point exploring EVER avenue to bring Justice to Jager and Luke … We have met with Senator Mark DeSaulnier who is helping us get this petition in front of who it needs to be. We know that farmers have the right to protect their livestock WE are not disputing that at all BUT we as reasonable pet owners should have some rights to protect our pets from people like the Christ’s family. 
We have over 21,000 who are on board with this petition and feel the same way we do, could you image if everyone just donated $1 to the fund ..

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