Illinois Tornado - Rebuild Effort for the Dykema Family

$5,040raised of $5,000 goal

Beneficiary: Dusty and Misty Dykema Organizer: Jaci Fones

This fundraiser is closed
On Sunday, November 17th Dusty, Misty, baby Myah and their dog Hawkeye were driving home from Church when the sirens went off...

Minutes later, as they turned into their neighborhood, they discovered the tornado had taken everything--their clothes, their furniture, their entire home--all gone. But thankfully, they remained safe and unharmed!

They are now getting ready to embark on a precious journey of rebuilding and starting fresh. Can you imagine one minute having everything you ever need in life and then the very next having it all taken away from you!?!? From the simplest things like your own toothbrush to the irreplaceable items like photos and family treasures...what an overwhelming task to take on!

Let's help ease the burden on them. Let's help them rebuild. Let's help them conquer this journey!
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