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Help the Morse family

$7,225raised of $8,000 goal

Organizer: Jackie Leek Beneficiary: Morse family

Please help my sister and her family during this difficult time. Their home and belongings were destroyed by a fire.

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Please help my sister and her family during this difficult time. Unfortunately her car caught fire which then spread to the garage and into the house.  No one was injured but their belongings were damaged or destroyed. Currently red cross has them in a hotel but for only 3 days. They have 3 young children all under the age of 4. Any type of donation is greatly appreciated!!
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by Jackie Leek
BECAUSE WE HAVE HAD SUCH A POSITIVE RESPONSE TO THE FUNDRAISER, WE HAVE RAISED THE AMOUNT!!! This generous donation goes directly to the family in helping lighten the burden of expenses that have occurred. AGAIN, THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR KINDNESS AND GENEROUSITY!!!
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by Jackie Leek
I would like to thank all of you for your support!!!! The Morse family is so strong and are floored by all the support they are receiving. No matter how you are helping please know that it is sincerely appreciated!  
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