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Hi, my name is Addison. I am 6 years old and this is my little sister, Sydney. This is what she looked like before she got sick. Sydney has Leukemia and is very sick in the hospital. Mommy and Daddy travel to and spend a lot of time at the hospital. They take turns staying with Syd. Mommy has a computer now and does not have to go to her office every day. Daddy works from home and does not travel as much as before Syd got sick. A lot of people have been here to help. My grandparents sleep over when both Mommy and Daddy spend nights at the hospital and I get to spend a lot of time with my cousins at my Aunt Emily and Uncle E.J.’s house. Everyone is being so helpful to Mommy and Daddy with taking care of me, cleaning the house and doing laundry. Sometimes our friends and neighbors bring us dinner. I am thankful and pray for them. Mommy and Daddy made some changes to keep germs out of the house. We do not wear our shoes in the house and we use a lot of stuff to clean and paper towels so germs go away. My Sissy did get to come home for a few days, but Mommy and Daddy had to take her back to the hospital because Sydney got a fever. She was in the PICU for a long time and I was not able to visit her. That made me very angry! I really miss my Sissy! Finally, Syd was able to leave the PICU and go back to the 9th floor! I am happy that she is there because I can visit her. She is weak because she has been in bed for so long. Sydney can’t stand, walk or talk yet. I really miss hearing Syd’s voice and can’t wait for her to talk to me again. I pray for her every night and ask God to help her be brave and to get better so that she and Mommy and Daddy can all come home. During the course of Sydney’s treatment, which will last about 2 ½ - 3 years, we are going to experience financial hardship due to extra expenses and loss of income. Most of all we need your prayers. However, if you would like to help with a monetary contribution, you are able to donate on this page.

If you would like to make a contribution to be utilized solely for Sydney’s benefit, please visit her YouCaring page at the following link: 

Thank you very much for your support!
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