Help Find Oakley

$3,135raised of $1,500 goal

Beneficiary: Oakley and Brandon Organizer: Nancy Rosa

This fundraiser is closed
On his return from a 9 months deployment, Brandon found out that his 2 year old yellow lab, Oakley, had been sold/given away by the friend he had entrusted his care too. He had been told it happened in May but feels it could have been as early as March.
Oakley is good with kids and other dogs. He also has a unique coat. On his face he has darker (champagne)spots that also run down his side and legs.
Oakley IS microchipped. The company has been contacted and information updated as listing him as missing.
Brandon just wants Oakley back home where he belongs.
IF you have information about Oakley please contact Brandon on Facebook on the Help Find Oakley page or thru his ad on Craigslist.

After discussing the Reward Fund over with Brandon, he would like it to be capped at $2,500. Any funds raised over this amount will be used for any immediate veterinary care Oakley may need on his return OR donated to a charity that Brandon will decide on. We all feel that this may help bring Oakley home due to the fact whomever has him may be waiting for a larger sum before returning him.

Please also understand that should the efforts made fail to bring Oakley home. Any money raised will be donated to a charity of Brandon's choice that help Veterans and/or Animals.
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