Help Alexis Clarke give back to UCSD NICU + Labor & Delivery

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Beneficiary: UCSD Medical Center NICU and Labor & Delivery Organizer: Murphy and Laurie Clarke

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We are hoping to raise $2000 (or more if we can do it!) for the NICU at UCSD to help them continue to provide the best care for micropreemies, preemies and newborns in need.  Any donation amount, even $5 will make a big difference, will be greatly appreciated and 100% of donations will go to the NICU.  We know we are a little late in setting up this site, however we hope that you will join us by donating to such an amazing group of Doctors, Nurses and support staff that have kept our baby alive and given her such amazing hope for the future.

This blog will describe updates on her progress as our little angel grows and defies the odds as a true miracle.  For those of you on facebook these will be her same updates as posted on that site.

*These fundraiser details were written after the first couple of weeks of Alexis' life. The 'Updates' section of this blog has many more status updates, and will contain the latest posts:
Alexis Clarke was born on April 19, 2013 at 2:24pm. Her Mom, Laurie was 25 weeks and 3 days pregnant when we had to deliver Alexis, because of complications due to a under-developed placenta. She weighed 320 grams, or 11 ounces at birth. Alexis is in the NICU at UCSD Medical Center, surrounded by amazing staff 24 hours a day. In fact, she has a one-on-one nurse assigned to her at all hours of the day, and she is the official record holder as the smallest baby ever born at UCSD Medical Center. Her odds of survival at her size were low, and her odds of significant and permanent complications given survival were high. So far she is amazing the doctors with her strength and resilience, though the staff constantly reminds us that a baby of her size is a 'day by day' situation. There will be ups and downs, and we must hope, pray, and lend her strength to fight through it all. Please send positive thoughts and prayers her way, so far it is working better than we ever coud have hoped for! Alexis is Laurie and my first baby. She is beautiful, and although small in size has as much spirit and fight in her as anyone in the whole world. Before even opening her eyes, she has shown her personality. She squirms like nobody's business when poked and prodded more than she likes, and likes to sleep under the 'blanket' of our open palm for a little while. Sometimes she will reach up and grab a pinky finger, and she can get her hand about half way around. It melts our hearts when she makes those small gestures to tell us she knows we are there.

Besides the standard requirement for some help with breathing and extra oxygen for a baby of Alexis' age and size, she had her first real setback at 10 days when her blood pressure started to drop. The doctors had to introduce the first real medication that was not preventative to help keep her blood pressure stable, and now they are testing everything they can to find out what might be causing the problem. It could simply be her tiny size, but the UCSD staff is amazing and leaves no stone unturned. Two days ago she started taking her first milk, and whole half milliliter per 3 hours! She was digesting it quite well, and only had to stop taking it because of the blood pressure medication. So hopefully things stabilize soon so we can give her more milk and start adding some weight! Laurie has been pumping every four hours like clockwork, and is doing great. We have enough milk saved up to last quite a while for our little angel, and the doctors have told us that a mother's breast milk is unbelievably important for a preemie of Alexis' size.

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