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Last summer, my cousin Jenica approached me with an idea that has turned into an amazing opportunity and I need your help.

Sixteen years ago I was born with a form of albinism (lack pigment in my hair, eyes, and skin).  Jenica asked if I would be interested in helping her with a documentary about albinism.  Her plan.. I would create interviews and film my friends with albinism answering questions or doing every day activities they enjoy.  Jenica would do the hard part, editing the footage and putting together a short film that could be entered into the THIMUN Qatar Northwestern Film Festival. (Yes, Jenica lives in Qatar, 7,740 miles away from me).

Even though I am visually impaired, I was up for the challenge and opportunity for others to understand what albinism really is.  Other than taking pictures, and using my iphone to take videos, I had very little experience with this process.  My mother was very helpful in being "my eyes" after I set up the video shot and pressed record.  Jenica was very patient with my video taping efforts, and scoured through hours and hours of footage and put together an amazing 8 minute video about those that live with albinism.

Jenica was just notified the end of February, that our film, "Dancing Eyes" was nominated by the THIMUN Qatar Northwestern Film Festival in the following categories: Best Picture, Best Story, Best Sound, and Best National Picture.   We are oozing with excitement!

As you may imagine, the flights from the United States to Qatar are very pricey. I am seeking for support and donations to help go toward the airfare costs so that I (and a chaparone/mom) can attend the Film Festival in Qatar, April 11-13 with my cousin.  Any amount would be truly appreciated! 

If I do not receive enough donations or donations exceed the amount I need, I promise 100% of the amount/excess will go toward providing braille books, long white canes, and technology to meet the needs of blind and visually impaired children. Donations will go to NFB of Utah or Utah Foundation for the Blind.

I am blessed to have a cousin who believed and trusted in me enough so I could be a small part in creating something so positive.  I hope that parents who just found out their child has albinism will have hope about their future. 

Please support our efforts about educating others about albinism by watching and sharing, "Dancing Eyes"

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