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Sweet Disabled Borko was savagely beaten in his own home by an Anti-Stray Lynch Mob incited and filmed by the Bulgarian Media as part of their declared "War on Strays" campaign.

AND NOW, just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse. Not only have the Municipality condoned the Lynch Mob mentality of the protesters and TV7 Film crew; glorifying themselves on national Television. Now, they are rubbing salt into the wound by serving Dr Litov and his family an Eviction Notice.  One has to ask, what the actual agenda here is from the Municipality, because as far as we’re concerned this stinks of nepotism and corruption on a grand scale.

This is the treatment the Animal Rescuers and Advocates in Bulgaria can now expect, and if this Eviction goes through, a precedent will be set that SPELLS DISASTER for ALL Animal Lovers across Bulgaria. 

We need to fight this NOW, on behalf of Dr Litov and ALL Animal Advocates everywhere.

Legal fees to fight this will be minimum 10,000 euro, maybe more.

If you can, please contribute to Borko's Justice Fund.

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