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Bobby Hemmitt Love Fund

$44,803raised of $10,000 goal

Organizer: KaliMa Love and Jerry Miller Beneficiary: Bobby Hemmitt

This is an opportunity to give back and bless someone who has given so much to so many.

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Peace and Greetings,

As many of you may be aware, our Beloved Elder and Master Teacher Brother Bobby Hemmitt has recently suffered a stroke. We thank everyone for sending their prayers and positive healing energies as he goes through his recovery process. 

As we all know, medical expenses can be very burdensome on families.  Brother Hemmitt has spent the greater part of his life giving freely to others and asking little in return.  The information, time, studies, and love he has brought to so many is truly invaluable. 

We are asking everyone at this time to make a donation that they are comfortable with to assist with medical and living expenses for Brother Hemmitt and his family.  Any amount that is given is welcomed because every little bit helps and is received with love and gratitude. 

We thank you in advance for your love, support and contributions.

“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
-Mother Teresa
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by KaliMa Love and Jerry Miller
Greetings, Lynda says Bobby is continuing his outpatient rehab and progressing well. He goes to Acupuncture once per week which is also helping. She is also working on maintaining her own health as this is almost a 24hr job. She says although it is laborious, she is honored to be Bobby's partner and care giver for all the love and light he has brought into her life. A neighbor also helps her each day with the trips to put Bobby's chairBOBY in the van. Lynda says this is a different Bobby who functions solely from the heart space. He was always loving and kind to everyone, but this is more "intense". He repeatedly tells everyone how much he loves them and where he has been, it is all and only about love. Lynda say in a week or so Brotha Panic Demonium will post a short audio of Bobby and her for everyone............................................
Please always keep in mind that these updates are twofold. 1: To genuinely give a progress update to all whose lives have been elevated by Bobby's teaching. We know a lot of love is invested in him and his well being. 2: To gently remind everyone that your donations will be needed for a while. Also, paypal gets their share from the amount posted. That is ok and much gratitude because it serves it's purpose........................... We all have busy lives and as time goes by some may forget. These donations are spent in ways many may not think of. The neighbor that helps Lynda is unemployed with his lights off and never asked for anything. Lynda understanding the law of reciprocity gives him a donation for his help. So, be aware that your care and kindness touches far and wide. You can see this as your Universal bank account from which you will withdraw at any time or in the future. Thanks & peace to all...

by KaliMa Love and Jerry Miller
Greetings, Bobby started rehab a few weeks ago, again. His last block of rehab was up and he had to wait for a spot in this particular center. This will continue until sometimes in December. The problem is, it is better to have continuous rehabilitation without any break in between. Continuous rehab without any breaks will speed up the healing process. Please be aware (once again ) that all donations pays their rent, telephone, all utilities, medical bills and medicine not covered, food, etc..........................
Lynda and Bobby is always grateful for the love and kindness of everyone. Lynda is his sole caretaker. She wants everyone to know if any "others" are doing updates, it is NOT from her. Many sees the amount of donation and does not realize it must be spread far and wide for his healing. Once again she wants to remind everyone that she is not able to fill orders at this time. Many have said, " I am going to send a donation, but I am waiting for Bobby to return and do a lecture". Your donations helps to bring that lecture closer. In all that is needed Lynda would never suggest this, we are suggesting you consider what was paid for any order as a donation for Bobby"s therapy..............................
"WE", the Beings have said, there are many different types of transformation taking place on the Planet at this time. Bobby's situation is his transformation/expansion. Although many do not understand, it is his choice in choosing his next level of elevation/expansion for this third dimension. "WE" said, this was done as a wake up call for many. He used himself to shift a few folks around. Only a highly evolved Being would do that. Value those who have come to put themselves on the front row for humanity. What if you did not have them. A new Bobby will emerge....................
This is about two types of energy. Your healing energy sent forward/outward and your money (contribution) energy. Both are needed until Bobby's reeducation as a higher being reaches it peak for that moment in this space and time of the third dimension. Continue to be "Your brother"s keeper". The law of reciprocity will lovingly greet you.

Much Love and Gratitude to you ALL!!

by KaliMa Love and Jerry Miller
Greetings, I spoke with Lynda last week and she says Bobby is continuing to improve. His memory and speech is more on point each day. He continues to receive in home and out of home care and is currently doing acupuncture. Bobby says he feels the improvement from the first acupuncture session. Send Lynda some energy as she does all this by herself. She says this is an honor to be there for Bobby and she would have it no other way. Her and Bobby says thanks for the support and sends blessings to everyone who is able to help. He says your donations pays for his medicine, medical supplies, all household bills and all other Holistic treatments. Keep up the healing energy as this will take a "minute" to full & complete recovery.

Peace and Blessings to you ALL!!

by KaliMa Love and Jerry Miller
Greetings and I am a little late with this update, but still valid . I spoke with Lynda last Friday and she said things are moving along with a few challenges. Bobby gets outpatient and in home rehabilitation. He is improving and will continue to with great work and efforts on his part and Lynda's. This is a massive endeavor and she plays such a major role in all of this, so send her blessings also. Lynda told him I was on the phone and what messages did he have from his recent & current journey to the spirit world. These were his exact words, "Tell them to give to the Hemmitt health care fund". Lynda told him she was asking about a spiritual message, he repeated "Tell them to give to the Hemmitt health care fund". He also said, tell them he needs a motorized wheelchair which is easier until he can completely do it on his own. The one the Hospital gave is very difficult to maneuver. Well, I thought it was funny and in true Bobby form lol. I guess what he is saying is, everything in it's own time. First, help him to get back solid on his feet so he can share stories from "beyond".
Lynda say gratitude to the highest degree. Continue to donate as often and as much as you can. As an outpatient some of the challenges are they pay out of pocket for most daily needed supplies and all of the higher priced supplies. If she has to go out to get Bobby's supplies, she has to pay someone qualified to be there. Bobby is a million miles away from when he first had the stroke and some more "miles" to go to perfect health. This is a process and where the hard work truly begins. We know it will happen with his and Lynda's will. We all have contributed to pulling him this far. Continue to use your healing energy and visualization to heal Bobby and strengthen Lynda for the great job she is doing.

Peace, Love, Blessings and Gratitude to you ALL!!

by KaliMa Love and Jerry Miller

Bobby came home last Friday. This is now another phase of his journey as he gets settled in. The house is still being modified to accommodate easy access for him. He is in good spirits as he knows that is also a part of healing. Lynda says thanks again and hopefully she will have a direct message from Bobby for everyone. Keep donating as a few in-home equipment are given but the higher cost equipment must be purchased by him. We will post a more detailed update in a few days. Keep pumping that healing energy to Bobby.

Thank you all for your generous contributions of love and healing energies.  Peace, love and much gratitude to you ALL!!

by KaliMa Love and Jerry Miller
Greetings Family,

Bobby is currently in rehab and will be there for a few more weeks. After that he will do rehab as an outpatient. Lynda says his memory is great and improving faster. Along with the things he remembers, he's accurate with the dates when they occurred. He reminded her that the stroke did NOT affect his brain :). He says he is going in and working on healing himself. The physical aspect of Rehab is challenging and require much fortitude. In time that too will be overcome. As always, Lynda send unending gratitude and love for all the love, healing energy and monetary gifts. She is at the hospital early morning until very late at night. Bobby's brothers takes turn so he is never left alone. This schedule does not allow her to do anything other than what pertains to Bobby. She says the donations are another form of "life force energy". When Bobby is able to connect with everyone she knows he will tell how loved he fells. So, keep up the Magick in all forms. Just as it can take a village to raise a child, it takes a village to heal it's loved ones.

Much Love, Peace and Gratitude to ALL!

by KaliMa Love and Jerry Miller
GREETINGS, I just spoke with Lynda and she said there were a few hurdles to cross but Bobby is physically moving to the rehab center tomorrow. There was a delay as the hospital was trying to switch things around. She has to stay on top of things in the hospital or they will try and do it "their" way. She is getting it done "Bobby style" :) and he is going to the best center in Atlanta. Lynda said you all have all been magickally wonderful and now another task requiring great strength is at hand. Keep up the good magick because your love and concern has helped to get Bobby this far. His rehabilitation will require a lot from him. All mental and spiritual help directed to him daily is called for. She said I should not post anything without reminding everyone of their love and gratitude. So much would be much more difficult if not for the help and concerns of everyone involved.........................

For the Reiki and all other modality of healing, in your remote healing you can concentrate on his left side. Draw a picture of him on parchment paper, write his name on it and place the healing symbols, Crystals, applicable Herbs, acupuncture and any other system you use. You can also play the difference frequencies related to healing and DNA repair. If you use Tuning forks, put it on the area.

Peace, Love and Blessings to all. Thank you for your continued support.

by KaliMa Love and Jerry Miller
REETINGS, Lynda said Bobby has started rehabilitation. He goes to the top center in Atlanta. That is great as it is not always easy to get a spot in that center. He will do this for the next three weeks and then probably be released as an outpatient. He is also doing a lot for himself. I was able to say a quick hello to him on the phone. With all that Lynda has to do she is concern that everyone will know how grateful her and Bobby is. Lynda says she cannot say it enough. She is not able to fill orders so this help has been a life saver. It also allows her to get the things Bobby needs. As stated before she will have to do a complete restructuring inside the house to make Bobby's rehab process as easy and comfortable for him. This process will be for awhile, so continue to send healing energy and donate to his recovery.....................

There is an equivalent bank, the Universal Bank. Bobby through his work of caring and uplifting humanity has deposited generously. This is by way of the energy/light produced from his work. The real "money" that matters. All types of people have listened to Bobby, ( secretly and otherwise ). "WE" have "downloaded thousands of years of information in him. Many was not ready for some of that information. "WE" will download more profound information to him. Your giving is his withdrawal from this bank. It is his earned income with gratitude. "WE' and you are all entitled to earned income depending on the degree of work you have sent out. Our, ("WE") earned income is to aid/see/experiences with "humanity" their shift in consciousness, their expansion................
Bobby lives his life's purpose according to his contracts, ( direct work with the "spirit world", "WE" are not really "spirits" :) ) Giving to him is a higher energy boost for the givers than giving to the average person. "WE", what you see as the spirit world does not have favorites as you understand "favorite" to be. "WE" work with the brightest lights and those lights become our, ("WE") "favorites". This will not negate anyone from having their own experiences, whatever they may be for their personal growth. Adhering to your own contract/s and a higher self development makes you sparkle and more visible to the "other" worlds, many worlds. There are things the spirit world needs physical bodies to do, you all have provide that avenue. "WE" thank you..................

For those who may not know "WE" is a collective from the 5th dimension and higher who Channels through Jerry Miller and myself.

by KaliMa Love and Jerry Miller

I spoke with Lynda last night and she said Bobby is recovering faster than the Doctors had expected. He will probably be released in a week or two the max. He has begun rehabilitation to regain all his strength and will continue when he is sent home. Lynda also said, upon her return, the Rehab Nurse was surprise at his level of progress. He is capable of eating on his own and other functions. Lynda says he converses and follows all line of questioning by the Nurses and Doctors. His main concern is, he wants to go home. These progresses are amazing, but what else would we expect. He is also working on his body in the spirit world. Once he is home and until he is fully back to normal his house has to be equipped for easy function. Lynda wants to make sure everything in the home is set up for a even more speedier recovery. She again say forever and ever gratitude to all who have sent their healing energy and their donations. She says, keep up the good and positive work and high vibrations. Please do not stop donating, more than once if possible and spreading the word. The installations in his home will require more financial assistance. Be ready for the day Bobby will speak to everyone publicly. For the bits and pieces he has so far expressed, the stories will be awesome and most definitely "out of this world".

Love, Peace and Gratitude to you ALL.

by KaliMa Love and Jerry Miller
Greetings Family,

Greetings, Lynda says Bobby has been out of ICU for a few days now. He is in a private room and the service continues to be wonderful. They will once again lower his medication. She says this type of positive change is unusual for most people in this situation. This is a case where love proves that it does heal. Lynda says keep sending your love and see him better more and more each day. She says it may be repetitious but she wants everyone to know how grateful they are at the fund generated through love. She could not have imagined this in her wildest dreams. She says thanks to everyone and she sends her love.....

To the spiritually powerful, you are exercising your powers. Keep up the good work magickly and monetarily. For all Reiki Masters/Practioners, you can download a picture of Bobby and do distant healing on him. You can place the Cho-Ku-Rei on top of the Sei-He-Ki which send the energy deeper into the cells/body with a greater force. It is better to write or print your pictures and symbols on Parchment paper. For a few cents you can get it at the Print shop.You can also place crystals and Herbs applicable to the situation on the picture. If a picture is not available draw a likeness and write his name. If you want to do a healing candle include oils and herbs that are for Brain healing.

Peace, Love and Blessings to you all.

by KaliMa Love and Jerry Miller
reetings Family,

Lynda says all those sending healing energies for Bobby, please, please continue as it is making a great difference in his well being. He is still resting comfortably and they are considering making some encouraging changes. She says she sees the phone calls and well wishes coming in constantly. Please give her time to work with Bobby and work through this. She will then give more details as she understands the love and concerns everyone has for Bobby. She also said she may be repetitious, but there are no words to describe the feeling of the fund being raised. This allows her to not worry about the day to day life needs and concentrate on Bobby's healing. The impact of how loved Bobby is comes in many different ways. There are Physicians who have listened to Bobby and have called to offer any service they can. Again, she sends her love, gratitude and overwhelming appreciation to everyone.

Peace and Blessings

by KaliMa Love and Jerry Miller
Greaatings Famil, below is a small update from a close family friend of Brother Bobby and Queen Lynda.  Thanks for all of your support. Please continue to send love and healing energies.

Good morning, good morning, Lynda says Bobby is still resting without any stress and the Doctors are thinking of reducing his medication. That is a great sign. Whenever there is more info she will share it. She says the Nurses and Doctors are incredible, exceptionally nice to Bobby. There is always someone with Bobby as Lynda and his brothers take turns. Once again she says as difficult as this has been your love and support is making it more bearable. She is in awe of the love that has generated the fund for Bobby and she sends gratitude, love and blessings to all. 

by KaliMa Love and Jerry Miller
Greetings Family,

We would like to take a moment to express our gratitude and love for the overwhelming love and support that has been shown for our Beloved Master Teacher and Elder Brother Bobby Hemmitt.  He has been a beacon of light for many of us  and this display of utter love and unity among our people is yet another manifestation of our Belvoed's love and commitment to his community throughout the years. 

Brother Bobby is still resting and there are no changes to be shared at this time.  Let us continue to send healing rays of love and light to our Beloved.  As soon as there is anything new to report, we will be sure to keep everyone abreast via the updates here.  Please know that your donations, no matter how great or small is making a tremendous impact on the quality of life for our Beloved and his Queen Lynda.  Queen Lynda is so appreciative and overjoyed at the huge amounts of support and our community rallying together to come to their aid.  She sends her love and gratitude to everyone.  This is truly easing her burdens.

We ask that everyone continue to share information about this Love Fund with their friends and many in the community who may not have regular access to the Internet.  Again, we thank you all for your well wishes, positive energies and donations of LOVE!!  It is a new day with renewed hope of what our people truly can do when we come together.  Eternal Love and Blessings to you ALL!! 

Peace and Love

by KaliMa Love and Jerry Miller
Greetings Family, thanking you all for your donations of love and gratitude for Brother Bobby Hemmitt. Below is a brief update from his Queen Lynda.  Please share this update with your friends and continue to share this page.

"Greetings, Lynda says she is extremely grateful to everyone who has called, sent well wishes and are donating. She says her and Bobby truly, truly feels the love. She is not able to answer or return call at this moment and will do as soon as capable. Bobby is resting peacefully.."

Peace and Love to you ALL





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