Blankets for the Homeless

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Beneficiary: Lisa Coyle Organizer: Lisa Coyle

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Hi my name is Lisa Coyle and for the past week I have been passing out blankets to the homeless people around the east bay. These last few nights have been extremely cold and these people are not prepared for this. No matter what they did to end up where they are we can help lessen their suffering just a little bit and that  has to make your heart smile! Please help me get some more blankets I just need $150 to get 36 huge blankets! It comes to $4.15 a blanket and these blankets are very warm and great quality. Anything helps $1 helps! I am asking anybody that can do anything please help me help these people! Thank you so much I can't do this with out you! GOD BLESS! The blankets are coming from
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