Ayokunle Lumpkin's Funeral

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Ayokunle Lumpkin was shot in the chest Saturday night, by a coward who preferred to take a life before facing the law for driving into a parked car. Contrary to what the assassin claims, our friend did not attack him but only attempted to deter him from fleeing. He was doing what he did best, taking care of his friends when justice wasn't on their side. I can be sure of this because I was standing there. Listening, watching, subconsciously standing a few feet behind him where I felt protected. This is the presence he had in these situations. Whether it was in real life or inside the soccer field, he did not let anyone harm, or step over those on his side, and that made us feel stronger. When I saw the miserable murderer pull out his gun, I immediately ran for cover, and as far as I know, so did everyone else who was present. I did not get a chance to see Kunle's reaction, but knowing him, I suppose his first instinct was not to run away. He is a hero, our hero. I know if he had a choice and time to think, he would take a bullet before letting his loved ones in harms way. “A friend is someone who, upon seeing another friend in immense pain, would rather be the one experiencing the pain than to have to watch their friend suffer." Unfortunately, one of the many bullets fired hit his heart. Not a difficult target, if he had a small, or even regular sized heart he may still be here, but it was just too big to miss. He did not give up easily though; he fought for hours to stay in this unjust world with us, moving his limbs and even talking. He knew we needed him, and we were sure he would be back. But he saw someone, Tim Nixon, his teammate and dear friend (who you can see in his profile and cover pictures on Facebook) welcoming him with open arms. Kunle’s big heart was the cause for OUR loss again, he could not ignore Timmy, pass up the chance to talk to him, tell him about the shirts he made to honor him, pull out a soccer ball and kick it around. I know he is smiling, and will be with us at the great funeral we will all help fund for him. This loss is and will be difficult for all of us, but lets show just how great he really was and raise this money quickly. Please join me in helping Kunle's family honor him the way he merits with whatever amount you can. Feel free to leave any comments, stories, or messages. Money goes to my paypal account but will be transferred to Kunle’s mother. If you prefer to send her money directly, do so by contacting Bank of America and donating to ayokunlememorialfund.
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