Andrade Medical Expense Fund

$33,353.72raised of $71,000 goal

Organizer: Misty Hampton Beneficiary: Nicholas Andrade

This fundraiser is closed

Ongoing medical expense fund for the Andrade family


by Misty Hampton
Due to a large donation by an incredibly generous Charlotte family and your faithful help, the amount needed to bring Nicholas home has been raised! Any additional amounts given will be put into a trust for the ongoing medical expenses. 
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by Misty Hampton

“Swim Nick Home” is a fundraiser to help bring Nicholas back to Charlotte.

Please help by participating in a snake swim at MAC on

Sunday, November 18th 4:30-6:00pm

Donations are a minimum $25.00/person to swim, but of course you can

donate more if possible.

You can also support “Swim Nick Home” by donating as a "Ghost  Swimmer" if you  want to contribute, but not swim.

Next to your name, please include that the donation is for

“Swim Nick Home”.

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by Misty Hampton
From Karen earlier today: Nicholas has been asking me for awhile now, when should he expect to feel his arms? He feels tingling in his legs when they do physical motor massages, a distant feeling. He mentioned it again this morning and I told him, "God is giving you a glimpse". The feeling sensation goes from top down, so God is letting you kno
w, "don't worry about your legs".
We had to wait a long time for the surgeon, he ran behind today and it seemed every 1/2 hour, someone came by to make sure we were ready, he had neck brace on, etc.
I went down to a terrace garden and just had to talk to this spiritual being, Jesus, I've felt is my friend, You can easily imagine what I had to say...........................<wbr>....
This is so REAL, it was a soul-deep talk to our invisible God, but I could feel Him listening.........

I went back to Nicholas' room and Angelica (his nurse for the afternoon) had put on the blood pressure arm cuff. Nicholas started mouthing all kinds of stuff really fast, very excited!
He could FEEL the blood pressure cuff!!! God of the Universe, he could feel it!!!! No sooner did he feel it, but Angelica must have run down the corridor, because the room began to fill up! Nicholas' Dr. Fabio came in and said he's going to do an electro-neuron thing, and everyone is laughing/crying. I called Robson and he broke down over the phone!!

Oh God, I love you! My friend, my faithful, loving friend!!!
I LOVE all you prayer warriors--we are like the widow who bugged the judge, we keep praying and imploring and praying....I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Oh, we are so incredibly happy here, I tried to send this once and I can't even send stuff, hope I found the right words.........

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