Help Jen and Pedro Correa rebuild!!

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Beneficiary: Pedro /Jennifer Correa Organizer: Alicia Torres

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Sometimes you meet people who come into your life and don't really make a mark. Then there are people who command attention by just standing still. That is my friend Jennifer. She is this tiny woman with the force of the incredible hulk. Jennifer has run marathons, proposed to her beloved Pedro via a television show while he was stationed in Iraq, and kicked my rear during a bootcamp we did with some fellow moms (& forever friends). Pedro fought for our country in Iraq along side thousands of other soldiers in the US ARMY. He and Jen have two beautiful children, Pj (7) and Alyssa (3). These kids have smiles that light up the room just like their mother. Hurricane Sandy came along and temporarily took those smiles away. Everything Jennifer and Pedro worked to achieve was washed away. It very nearly took Pedro with it. But he {along with a friend who had gone to help secure the house} fought to get back to his family. Please donate what ever you can to help this family get back on their feet. Anything and everything helps. This family means the world to me and a lot of people. Help them create some new memories.
Thank You.

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