Veterinary emergency fund ....for pets of people in need.

$1,175raised of $1,000 goal

Beneficiary: Pet Assistance, Inc. Organizer: Ruth Pearl

This fundraiser is closed
Since 1973, Pet Assistance Inc. has been helping pets of people in financial need. We get phone calls from all over the country from people who are desperate to save their pets, but do not have enough money. Many have already spent $1000 and more for 'diagnostics,' but don't have additional funds to proceed with treatment.  Veterinary care has gotten very expensive, and only a few vets offer less expensive options for treatment. Have you ever heard of "economic euthanasia?" I call it greed! Many animals die or are killed solely because their owners may have only come up with $600 of a $1000 procedure. Feeling helpless and hopeless, some pet owners have their beloved pet put to sleep or bring it to a shelter, rather than continue to watch it suffer.  By the way, economic euthanasia isn't cheap either!!!

Pet Assistance, Inc.  is an important source of financial aid for urgent and emergency veterinary care for indigent pet owners.

What makes Pet Assistance, Inc. unique? 
First of all, we answer the phone and return calls within a day.

ALSO we are not breed specific and have no geographical requirements.

We find we need more donors at this point, so we will never have to say to qualified owners: "Sorry, but we don't have funds to help."

                             PLEASE, won't you donate today?

We have posted photos of some of the pets that Pet Assistance has helped in recent months. Common surgeries are for dogs attacked by other dogs, removal of "foreign bodies" and bladder stones and urinary blockage in male cats.

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