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From the owner of Phineas "
"Our dog was on a tie out in our back yard when a neighbor's child entered the yard uninvited.  She fell and in so doing, knocked down our daughter.  Our dog went to the defense of our daughter and with open mouth, grabbed the side of the uninvited child, possibly to pull her off, but not in a vicious manner.  The bite bruised the child but did not even break the skin.  I saw it as soon as it happened.  A complaint by the parents of the alleged bitten child was filed with the city, our dog was confiscated on June 22, 2012 and has been held now for more than nine months.  We retained an attorney to get our dog back but she was inexperienced and in the end, the courts still wanted Phineas to be euthanized.  Our dog is NOT vicious, he is a kind and loving yellow Lab. In April 2013, we asked The Lexus Project to help Phineas."

As with all TLP cases, if there are funds left over after the case is over, we will use the funds to jump start new cases and or to help dogs with medical conditions  so that they can be adopted. All money goes to the dogs.
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