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Please keep in mind that this Case has been going on since April 2013. This fundraiser only shows money going in, not coming out. 

Rather than starting a new fundraiser we have just been extending the date to keep this going. Every time papers get filed, it's costs several hundred dollars. In addition, we have paid for the medical care Buck and. Bill desperately needed on an on going basis. 


Karen E. owns two Australian Shepards, Buck age 10 and Bill age 6. She has owned them their whole lives and there has never been an issue with either one. On December 24, 2012 while visiting at a friend's house the dogs broke through a window and bit a 13 year old boy on a bicycle in the middle of the street. It is not clear what provoked the dogs however there has been recent break-ins in this neighborhood and Karen E believes someone must have been on the property for the dogs to act so out of character. The boy received 3 bites total on the leg, butt, and thigh. It is unknown which dog caused which bite. The parents of the boy are furious and want the dogs put down. They are suing Karen E., the homeowner, and the mortgage holder. A lawsuit has been filed. 

Manatee county animal services is governed by Florida Statute 767 wherein two resolutions can be reached for dog bites. First is the dog can be declared a "dangerous dog" which requires the owner to quarantine the dogs for 10 days, register them, provide fencing, and never be unattended while outside. Second is the dog can be destroyed. In order to destroy the dog the injuries sustained much be severe which is defined as broken bones, multiple bites, injuries requiring reconstructive surgery or death to a human. 
The county attorney has required that both dogs be put down. A county court judge has upheld this conclusion.

the Lexus project has been called in to help. 
As with all TLP cases, if there are any funds left over from the case, the money will be used to help other dogs. All money raised goes to help the dogs.

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