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Please help us save our home!

$30raised of $10,000 goal

Organizer: Nadia Handlinger Beneficiary: Animal Ambulance

Animal Ambulance helps sick & abused pets. We also feed the animals of 15 townships, thus helping the poor communities in and around Gauteng, South Africa.

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The plot of land that Animal Ambulance is renting, is up for sale. They cannot affort to purchase the property as they are surviving on a month to month basis and rely heavily on public donations. They are doing their best to raise funds, but it is very slow going, so I have started this fund raiser to help them.

If they do not raise the funds by year end, they will have to close down which would be a huge loss to the animal rescue community, as well as to the animals themselves as they will not be able to keep them

Please help them to save their home!
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