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Odin Lloyd Scholarship #ForOdinL

$80raised of $10,000 goal

Organizer: J. C. Beneficiary: Odin Lloyd

In Memory Of Odin Lloyd. He Will Be Forever Remembered For His Laughter & Supportiveness, He Will Be Forever Missed By His Family & Friends, And He Will Be Forever Loved For The True Person He Was.

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For Those Who Had The Pleasure Of Being Around Odin, Know Him To Love Football And To Alway Care For Others. He May Have Been Taken From All Of Us But His Name Will Never Perish.

Odin's Mom Is A Strong And Beautiful Person Who Wants To Make Sure Anyone Who Is Like Her Son, Will Have The Opportunities Her Son Was Not Given.

In Memory Of Odin, All Contributions Will Be Donated To The "ODIN LLOYD SCHOLARSHIP" Santander Bank.

Anyone Who Donates $10 Or More Please E-Mail With Your Mailing Address To Receive An Odin Lloyd Bumper Sticker.

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