Livestreaming of the Bike Polo World Championship

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Beneficiary: Streaming at Worlds Organizer: Danny Wood

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We are planning to provide high quality live video streaming coverage of each court on each day of this year's Hardcourt Bike Polo World Championship.  It turns out that Mr. Do will only be there for Friday and Saturday games, but we still want to provide the high quality coverage that the bike polo community has come to expect of major tournaments.

If you want to see more of yourself later, or show footage to your friends,  or show footage to your family,  etc...donate donate donate!  donate donate donate!

On court A, we plan to give you top quality coverage, with commentary and multiple cameras through the entire tournament.  We also plan to cover each and every game played on courts B, C, and D.

This is your best chance to see your friends/family/clubmates/teammates/loved ones/work friends/rivals pit their skills against the best bike polo the world has to offer. 

Please share this with anyone who you think would be interested in watching the livestream!

Donators of any amount of $15 or over will receive shoutouts during the week and will be granted contentment, health, and prosperity for the rest of their days. 

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