Dom's Requiem

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Beneficiary: Domenick Henry Organizer: Cori Protheroe, Jamie Kephart, & Selene Henry

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This is Domenick Henry's story: Over a year ago, Domenick was experiencing pain in his right leg. After many months of the pain worsening, he went for an MRI. Two weeks after his 19th birthday he was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer. He had a tumor in his hip 3 times the size of his pelvis. His friends and family rallied around him, as he was about to face the biggest fight of his life. For 3 months he spent almost every weekend in the hospital receiving chemotherapy. He would be sick all week long, only to have to go through it all over again the next weekend. Unfortunately the tumor did not respond well to the chemo. The only option left was surgery. On May 17th 2013, the doctors removed his entire right leg and the right half of his pelvis. Then more bad news. During the surgery, the doctors discovered the cancer had spread to his spine, stomache, kidneys, and around some of his major arteries. Continuing with radiation and chemo will only give him a few years. Years of being in and out of the hospital, of being in pain, and being sick. He has bravely decided to not to continue with treatments. He wants to spend the the rest of the time he has with his firends and family. Doing the things he loves, with the people he loves. Domenick is such a wonderful person. Full of imagination, humor, empathy, and love (to name a few). To know him is to truely care for him. So it is no surprise, that so many people are joining us to help this amazing young man. Please join us in helping to make Domenick's last days the best days of his life.
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