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With your help, Andrew Conley can have a proper burial!!!!!

$2,350raised of $5,000 goal

Organizer: Michelle Panzica Beneficiary: Jenny

Imagine losing your brother to suicide in 2008 , and recently your mother to cancer, and now your only other brother to suicide and you are left with no way to pay for him to have a proper burial.

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I am reaching out to you as a friend, a daughter , and just someone who's heart is breaking and this is the last option.  


My friend, Andrew Conley, after losing his father to suicide around the age of 3, then losing his brother to suicide in 2008, THEN , yes I am not done, lost his mother to cancer OCT 2012,while all this was going on Andrew struggled with PTSD ( caused by being the one who found his brother after his suicide) and struggled with depression/bipolar and addiction which robbed him of seeing any hope. I am sure you can imagine this was a lot for one person to bear and on April 5th , Andrew took his life.  Andrew lost his father & brother and mother all before his 31st birthday.


Losing Andrew has left an emotional void in the life's of the people he touched, not to mention less then 6 months after losing her mother, his sister now is left with the loss of both her brothers and father to suicide and the loss of her beautiful mother to cancer. 


As much as I can sit here and say I can imagine how hard this must be on her, I really couldn't. We can do something to help though! we can all come together as a community and show her she is not alone and with our help her brother can and will get a proper burial.



PLEASE SHARE THIS PAGE WITH ANYONE YOU THINK WOULD BE MOVED BY ANDREWS STORY!  100% of your donation will go to his funeral expenses! Lets give this beautiful sister some hope and show her that she is not alone. 


Remember anything helps, even just sharing this story on your facebook! 



by Michelle Panzica
THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO HAS SHARED AND DONATED TO ANDREWS FUNERAL. PLEASE PLEASE REPOST THE LINK ON YOUR FB, TWITTER, TUMBLR, ANYWHERE. The more we get the word out the faster we can have enough to give andrew a funeral. thank you everyone!!! 
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