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We Heart Clayton

$11,860raised of $100,000 goal

Organizer: Clayton's People Beneficiary: Clayton Hoyt Butler

The goal is to raise money in memory of amber to donate to 2 amazing charities that Amber was passionate about, and the NPS search and rescue. Any donation is welcome whether $5 or $5000.

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This is an opportunity for you to help. If you would like to contribute to the fund, 100% of the profits will be split 3 way equally and donated to the Humane Society of Utah, The Whole Planet Fondation, and the NPS search and rescue.

The Humane Society of Utah
Amber loved animals, she was Vegan the last 7 years of her life. The reason she was so passsoinate about this was her unconditional love of animals. The Humane Society of Utah is amazing, and I know that all the money raised here will go to the animals and not a salary.

The Whole Planet Foundation
Amber was also very passionate about human right ,and well being. She traveled to Peru with this foundation to help the kid and familys there. Also I know that any money that is donated to this foundation will go to underprivileged kids and families that need the funds.

The NPS Search and Rescue
These brave men and woman risk there lives on a daily basis to help people that are in trouble. I am forever in debt to the three men that brought my wife Amber home to me. I can not express how greatfull I am for these men.

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