The Dicktater

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Beneficiary: Richie's Family Organizer: Jesus

This fundraiser is closed
***This memorial fund has been so successful that Paypal thought it was suspicious if anyone has trouble donating contact me at and we will find a way for you to still donate! Thanks!

***This just in from the 306th Commander: A fund has been established in SSgt Richard Dickson’s name. Per the Family Liaison Officer, MSgt Shaylin Butler, Lacie Dickson asks that those who wish to express sympathy at this difficult time make a donation in lieu of sending flowers. The fund is managed by a close family friend and will be used to support Lacie, Sophie, and family members.

I was good friends with Richie and I ran this through his brother Chad Dickson. We knew Richie and how great of a guy he is and if you didn't know him you're missing out and probably less of a person. Not to be as an insult but just because that's how great of a person Richie was. This is set up to help take care of his family, his wife and his little girl with anything that they will need whether it turns into a college fund of Sophie or anything that Lacie needs. Thank you all for everything. Feel free to contact me at If you have any concerns. I understand
 being skeptical, it's only natural  I can guarantee that all money raised (minus paypal service charge) will be given to Richie's family.
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