Please help our Scentsy Sister Sarah Jenkins

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Beneficiary: Sarah Jenkins Organizer: Dee Long, Independent Scentsy Director

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On Wednesday, February 19th, Sarah didn't feel well so her husband came home to care for her. He went to take his Navy uniform off while Sarah went to the bathroom. Then he heard a thud. and through a small crack in the door he could see she was having a seizure. Unfortunately the full weight of her body forced the door shut and although he tried, he couldn't get the door open. The Fire Department responded to Keith's urgent request for help and they cut a hole in the door to get Sarah out.  But by then, Sarah was in full cardiac arrest.  Thankfully, paramedics were able to restore her pulse before she arrived at the hospital. Due to probable brain injury, continued seizure activity, erratic heart beat and elevated blood pressure, a decision was made to place her in a hypo-thermic state to lower her body temperature to help alleviate the stress on her body and her brain. She remains heavily sedated and on a respirator at this time. Please pray for Sarah, she is only 26 years old! Her husband Keith is in the Navy and is such a sweet young man.  Your help will be very much appreciated to help with expenses associated with this heartbreaking situation.  Although her medical bills will be covered as a military dependent, there is a definite need for financial assistance.  Sarah contributed to the couple's monthly income.  My hope is this fund will alleviate any worry Keith may have in covering the monthly mortgage payment and allow him to focus on Sarah's recovery.
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