Our deepest gratitude

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Beneficiary: Hayden Alexander Organizer: family of Hayden Alexander

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On February 18, young Hayden was playing in the backyard and fell from a treehouse.  In a flash he was gone leaving a space we can never fill. Always energetic and excitable, Hayden had that childhood love and passion for football, for games, for Yu-Gi-Oh, for jokes and for all the things an eleven year old can get out of life. With such sweet innocence he looked up to his older brothers, Michael, Trent, Dalton, and Johnathan.  His caring and compassion was guided by the strong women of his family, Selena Phillips, Karen Thompson, Donna Glenn, and Kristi Stringer.


Words could never express our gratitude for the generosity of the community which has more than met the expenses. Because donations have gone above and beyond what we need, donations that exceed our familiy's needs will be donated to another family that lost their young son the same day, the family of Treyvon Amos.

Our hearts hurt, not only for the loss our angel but I am also at a loss of words for the support we have received from family, friends, and even strangers. Because of your kindness and generosity this little angel will have a beautiful service. This morning we spent hours trying to find a charitable foundation that could help... In addition to grieving we were plagued by worry and guilt not knowing how we would be able to handle the arrangements. Because of your sharing and support we can simply focus on healing as a family. 
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