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Janel Shehan's Memorial Fund

$2,662raised of $10,000 goal

Organizer: Janel's Family & Friends Beneficiary: Teresa & Jeff Shehan

Friends of Janel Shehan (11/30/80 - 4/6/13) are raising money to help her parents raise/support her children. Please show your love and support!

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Due to the unexpectedness of her passing, Janel's family was totally unprepared to cover her funeral costs. No one was expecting her to die at the young age of 32; leaving behind three wonderful young children.

As a whole we are all still in shock and wondering where to go from here. This has been set up to help her parents have less to worry about in their time of grief. No one should have to bury their child.

Any funds that are left after her funeral expenses are paid will be used to set up college funds for her children.

Please help by donating whatever you can spare, no amount is too small to make a difference!

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by Janel's Family & Friends
There has been an overwhelming show of support, and for this we are grateful. This fund is set up to run through Janel's birthday, so PLEASE keep sharing it. Thank you to all who have donated thus far. 
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