Jahzarah needs help

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Organizer: Todd Hirshorn Beneficiary: Wendy Vigil

3 year old Jahzarah Ward lost her father Patrick Ward in a horrible murder at 11am on 9-25-13 in West Palm Beach Florida. Patrick also leaves behind his Fiancé, Wendy Vigil.

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Patrick was home with his daugther on the morning of 9-25-13. Two men entered his apartment and shot him in front of his young daughter. He was taken to the hospital where he later died of his injury. Please help us raise money for funeral expenses and to help provide immediate and future therapy for Jahzarah who is three years old and witnessed this horrible act and is very aware of what occurred.  The story can be found here  http://m.wpbf.com/news/shooting-victim-patrick-ward-dies-at-delray-medical-center/-/17441430/22137026/-/ulhhvx/-/index.html
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