In Memory of Ashley Qualls

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As everyone who knew her will attest, Ashley Qualls was one of the rare human beings in this world who affected those far beyond her reach. Her untimely death is a tragic reminder of the work that she was doing in service of others. Ashley lived with a conviction of her ideas and beliefs that left her unafraid to speak her mind or to speak up for others. Her tenacity, strength and perseverance to overcome whatever obstacle presented itself was admired by all of us who knew her. We will never forget the times Ashley made us laugh, her stylish 5-inch high heels and incredible sense of fashion or her heartfelt rib-cracking hugs.

There are no words to describe the heartbreak, loss or tragedy of Ashley's death, so let us do what we can. The donations made here will go to helping support her family (brother, sister and grandmother) as they arrange her end of life ceremonies.

Please contact Rochelle Gauthier at 949-295-9228 with any questions or concerns. Memorial and/or vigil ceremonies are tbd.

*In order to help the family with costs the sooner the donations are made, the better. Thank you.


by TSSW Class of 2011
Thank you to everyone for their generous donations. We have been able to raise enough money to completely cover the expenses of getting Ashley back to South Carolina and to cover the funeral in South Carolina and memorial in New Orleans. Thank you all.

Funeral Info:
Saturday July 20th- 2pm
Bethel Baptist Church in Blythwood, SC

Sunday July 28th- 2-4pm
Charbonnet Funeral Home
New Orleans, LA
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