Expenses and Memorial for Zach Pithan

$1,388raised of $8,000 goal

Organizer: Christine Pierce Beneficiary: Cleo Daily and Rod Lyman

The loss of beloved son Zach was sudden and unexpected. Any support is appreciated to help the family of Cleo Daily and Rod Lyman cover expenses, as well as create a memorial with any remaining funds.

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Zachariah Ray Pithan was truly a blessing to this world. He brought happiness and love to every life he touched. He was taken from us far too soon. But his contagious giggle and brightening smile will remain in our memories forever. He had such a loving heart, and only wanted to help others.

His passing was sudden and tragic. The loving family of Zach would greatly appreciate any financial help to cover expenses. Any funds in excess of costs will be placed in a memorial fund for mental health awareness.

We thank you for your love, support, compassion and generosity.

With much love and gratitude!
The friends and family of Zach Pithan
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by Christine Pierce
We are so honored and humbled by the out pour of love. Thank you everyone.. 
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