Dwone Anderson-Young Memorial Fund

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Dwone Anderson-Young was a bright, funny, loving, and charismatic young man who was full of enthusiasm for his many passions in life - a life that has been tragically cut short by a senseless shooting for reasons don't and can't begin to understand. Dwone was a good person who made positive life choices for himself and did not bear ill will towards anyone. All who knew Dwone are devastated by the loss of his light.

About Dwone:

Dwone was a recent graduate of the University of Washington with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. In addition to his freelance work in web design, Dwone had just begun a new job as a Data Analyst at a local consulting firm.

Dwone had a true passion for technology and kept himself and those close to him up to date on the latest gadgets and technology - he actually taught himself how to design and develop websites and mobile apps.

In Dwone’s spare time, he pursued several artistic interests including fashion design, art, music, and dance. Most recently, he developed an interest in researching and advocating the health and environmental benefits of eating locally grown, non-GMO foods.

Dwone's longest running passion, however, was for Japanese language and culture, which began at a young age after his initial exposure to anime shows like Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z. His life-long interest continued when he began taking Japanese language courses throughout high school and college, through which he became fluent in Japanese. Dwone dreamed of one day travelling to Japan to work as a translator and be completely immersed in the culture he had loved for so long.

It is heartbreaking to know that Dwone will never have a chance to live out his dreams because of a callus act of violence against this young man who was so loved and cherished by all who knew him.

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