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Darin Steffey Roadside Memorial Fund

$7,058raised of $8,000 goal

Organizer: Jessica Raddatz Beneficiary: Darin Steffey Memorial Road Sign Fund

We are raising funds to erect a permanent roadside memorial sign in Darin Steffey's honor, in hopes that it will serve as a reminder to others of the tragic consequences of reckless driving.

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Darin Steffey was brutally and violently taken from us in a head-on collision on October 3rd, 2013. Our lives will never be the same. Darin was an upstanding citizen, who served our country in the Air Force and protected the great state of California as a US Forest Service Firefighter. For those who knew Darin he was an incredible man. He was a true hero.

We are currently seeking justice in the case against the woman who hit him, Natasia Ray Wood. In the meantime, we are also working to put a permanent memorial in place at the scene of the crash site, to remind other drivers of the tragic consequences of reckless driving. 

We would like to see a permanent memorial sign put in place at the site of the accident on Buckman Springs Road in Campo, CA. However, the state will not pay for a sign, we have to raise the funds to do this ourselves. 

Please show your support by making a donation to help keep Darin's memory alive, and remind drivers on Buckman Springs Road to drive more cautiously. 

We greatly appreciate donations of any amount. Thank you for your support and generosity! 

May Darin Steffey be honored and remembered as he deserves.

Justice for Darin Steffey Facebook Page: 

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by Jessica Raddatz

Road Sign Update:
Sorry I didn't update sooner. Wednesday I had a meeting with a county official on getting my road sign up for Darin. I was given a few options.

1) For $8,000 I can have a sign off the 8E

However, I am a bit more picky and want one located where Darin took his last breathe (which is on county road owned by county and US Forest Service). US Forest Service will not allow me to put a sign on their property which is really sad since Darin worked for them. I am also not aloud to warn drivers or urge them to go slow. The sign can only say "In loving memory Darin Steffey". For this sign I need to contact a group to gain their permission since they are they ones who adopted the part of Buckman Springs I want. An additional option is to get a bench in memory of Darin. I liked this idea as well since Darin was always playing volleyball or surfing at the beach. I will be contacting different cities along the coast and see what can be done.

The process is time consuming and long but we will get there! This was a great first step and I have someone who is in the county helping along the way.

I would love to have the sign and bench!

Therefore, once I finish getting all possible "approvals" and options available we can make a final decision. I will continue to keep everyone informed as we move along in making this happen! Some of us already talked about having a get together once this is all in place!

Thank you everyone for your support, kind words and donation to keepDarin Steffey's memory alive.
xoxo Jess

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