~ * Love and Support for the Parker Family * ~

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Beneficiary: The Parker Family Organizer: Charlene & Jonathan Parker

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Steven Jay Parker, father, brother, son, uncle, and friend, has been struggling with cancer for over 3 years now, and the past 10 months have been incredibly difficult. He fought this disease the best he could, and after being diagnosed began making many life changes. He become a softer, more loving, and gentle man over the years. It was very hard to see him go through so much pain, in and out of the hospital, and one thing after another. Because of this, we have incurred many medical costs and are calling on you to Help!

His two children, Charlene and Jonathan Parker have a lot on their plate and many expenses. As they work through the grieiving process, they need both your emotional and financial support to get through this difficult time.

His 23 year old daughter, has been his sole caretaker since Janurary and has put many things on hold, including her own healing. She shattered her ankle 2.5 years ago, and is now waiting to undergo a 4th and final ankle surgery to remove 2 plates and 10 screws and fully heal. After her father's medical expenses and memorial costs are covered, much of the fund will go to her medical expenses. She lost her insurance with her father's back in Decemeber, and as of now, no expenses related to her ankle are covered by any insurance company. Let's help get her back to full vibrant health!!

Jonathan Parker, Steven's 21 year old son, has covered the majority of his family's living expenses and he's done everything he could for his father over the years. They had a very close relationship, and Steven guided Jon through many years of hockey and continued to be his #1 fan and supprt system. He was trying to hold on until the fall to see Jon play one last hockey game. Your support will help his son get back to training and full health, as much of his time and money has gone to his Dad. 

Our family greatly appreciates anything you can donate, and we honor you for your contribution. To feel supported in a time of such unease would mean the world to us. Please help us remain hopeful~


We are very Grateful for you, and send immense love to your families.  


We miss you Dad!!!!


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