Vista's Angry Aortic Aneurysm

$69,798raised of $75,000 goal

Beneficiary: Mary Vista Santos Organizer: Malinda McKnight

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5/5/14 Vista continues to do very well.  She should be home from the hospital in the next day or so.  Up next cardiac rehab.  Please continue to keep Vista and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

5/1/2014 Vista is in surgery this morning.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers!!



Vista has been diagnosed with an AORTIC ANEURYSM.  This MUST be repaired SOON by means of OPEN HEART SURGERY.  As we all know Vista is a very proud momma to 3 children.  Dalton, Wyatt and Gracie.  Vista will be unable to work for at least 10 weeks.  She is a single mom.  She is a nurse and spends her days caring for others.  Now she needs to learn how to let others care for her, even if only for a short time.

We need to raise money to help her during this time.  Even if you can only donate 5 dollars it will help ease the burden.  The stress of finances should not be something our friend worries about during this time. 

Vista DOES NOT HAVE INSURANCE. We have exhausted all avenues because if the ACA she currently can only purchase short term insurance and this type of plan includes pre existing conditions. She must wait until the next open enrollment to purchase insurance that will cover this surgery. 

Friends she does not have an option to wait. This is the reason our goal has increased and after her visit with the doctor Monday it may increase again. 

Please share donate and pray!

We have an account set up for Vista that you may donate to if you would rather send a check instead of donating online. 

Please send your donation to:

PO BOX 883
VAN, TEXAS 75790

Please make checks payable to:


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