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Many of you followed my saga with Clide and his battle with oral cancer in 2012 and 2013.  I sadly lost my sweet Clide in March of this year - many of you know that as well.

One of the things I was grateful for daily (and I was grateful for a lot fo things) was that I had the financial means to get Clide the very best treatment to try to rid him of his horrible cancer.  When I first met with the oncologist, I told him I wanted to "leave it all on the field" where Clide's treatment was concerned, always provided he was ok and had a good quality of life.  I didn't win the battle with Clide's cancer - but I knew that we gave it everything possible.

There is a sweet kitty, Twinkle.  She is very loved by her people.  They describe her as their "child" - and I know what that means and how it feels.  They love Twinkle as much as I love Clide.  Twinkle has a mass over her right eye.  She needs surgery to remove the mass.  The surgery is estimated at about $2,400.  The family has $1,000 on their own.  They're saving every penny they can to try to get the remaining $1,400, but it's hard and they're not likely to make it in time on their own.  They don't love Twinkle any less than I love Clide or any of my cats - they just aren't in a position to pay for this potentially life saving surgery on their own.  They need help.

I'm asking my friends to help.  I have over 1200 Facebook friends.  If just 10% of my friends gave $15 each right here and right now, Twinkle can go for her surgery.  There are no guarantees, of course.  She may not make it despite our best efforts.  But I want to help this family know what I knew with Clide: that I did everything I possibly could, no matter what happened.  I want to give them that peace.

And maybe - just maybe - we can give Twinkle her own little miracle.

Please email me with additional questions.  I can provide the veterinary estimate if you need to see it, but to protect Twinkle's family's privacy, I don't want to put it out there for the world to see.  I will absolutely keep all donors apprised of Twinkle's status, no matter what the outcome.

Thank you in advance for considering.
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